I imagine for many of you your home time with your kids is wearing thin. They want something new. You want something new. But times are tough; you can’t go out, you have to stay in. And you probably want to watch your spending. I’ve gathered a list of 10 items available for delivery from Amazon that should provide a nice treat for your children, and they cost less than $10 each!

  1. An erasable LCD doodle pad. I use one of these on my desk for notetaking; my son loves it for doodling. Say goodbye to scrap paper and hello to a reusable LCD tablet. This will not link to the internet, but if you want to capture your creations, you can take a photo of them with your phone, press the erase button, and start over again.
  2. Bath crayons. With the pandemic, keeping clean has never been more important. Coming in at under $5 this set of 6 crayons, made of soap, your children can make bath time creative time!
  3. Everyone loves the game UNO. Add the popular Minecraft brand and you’ve got a winning combo for $8. Check out the UNO Minecraft game.
  4. If your children don’t already have a Rainbow Loom, you can get the original sett for less than $10. Maybe you can have them make an elastic strap to hold that homemade mask in place?

  5. If they already have legos, a large baseplate can become a movie set, and the kids can use free stop-motion animation apps to make a movie! Five bucks.

  6. How about a 3-D puzzle game? Kanoodle includes 200 puzzles so that you can play after your children go to bed (if they go to bed…)

  7. Maybe all the news about medicine has inspired your little ones to go into healthcare? If so, you can score a Deluxe Doctor Kit for ages three and up for less than $10.

  8. Do your kids get antsy when on video chats? This bumpy ball is meant for babies but will keep nervous hands of all ages busy for less than ten bucks.

  9. For less than $10, you can get a bunch of origami paper. After a quick search on Youtube, your children can fill your house with paper pets!

  10. Why not get ready for the science fair? The Everything Kid’s Science Experiments Book allows for dozens of science experiments as home with items you have at home. And it is, of course, less than $10.

Stay safe, wash your hands, enjoy the extra time with your children.