The Big Orange Drop

New York City has the glittering disco ball drop. Georgia has the peach drop. And Florida? Florida, fittingly, has the orange drop! Hit up Bayfront Park on the Metromover in Downtown Miami for a fireworks spectacular that’s free and open to the public. Flowing drinks and live music create the ideal atmosphere for dancing and partying, and the perfect energy to scream along to the countdown with. For this year’s celebration, 404 favorite Pitbull will host.

Chinese Lantern Festival at Jungle Island

Looking for an activity that gets you out of the house but isn’t limited to crowded, rowdy parties? Look no further than Luminosa, a fluorescent forest where you can embark on a magical nighttime journey through otherworldly jungle flora illuminated by hand-crafted Chinese lanterns. The Chinese Lantern Festival at Jungle Island is a beautiful and breathtaking sight to see and an incredible way to welcome in the new year. 

Fireworks at South Beach

Partying it up in one of the world’s most famously luxurious cities can cost you a pretty penny. But for those just looking to enjoy simple quality time together with friends and family, the free fireworks at South Beach are the way to go. Space fills up fast, so show up early to the beach at 9th street and Ocean Drive with a picnic basket in tow. Need a break away from the kids for a moment? Grab a specialty cocktail at one of the many hotel bars lining the iconic strip.

Gatsby’s Yacht

It’s about to be the roaring twenties again, so party like Jay Gatsby aboard the international acclaimed Seafair yacht. One of Miami’s most exclusive and glamorous New Year’s events touts an immaculate view of fireworks, delectable hors d’oeuvres, and a scrumptious raw seafood bar. Thankfully, this round of the roaring twenties won’t have prohibition to worry about, so you can also indulge in an open bar while grooving to the ship’s multiple DJ’s.

The Wharf Miami

Calling all foodies! The Wharf Miami is the place to be if you’re looking to ring in the new year with a happy belly. Local chefs from some of Miami’s most esteemed eateries are present including Lung Yai Thai Tapas, MOJO Donuts, CRACKED by Chef Adrianne, and many more. Each del will fill up the chic space to sling the area’s most delectable bites. There will be plenty of fireworks on the palate, but if that isn’t enough, expect fireworks at midnight too.