Choosing a restaurant can be a difficult task no matter your location. However, in Miami, that task becomes increasingly strenuous. With the diverse cultures, flavors, or dishes, it can be maddening trying to your destination down to one restaurant. While determining the number one best restaurant may be impossible, deciphering the top restaurant of a specific cuisine is less of a demand. Although only you can choose your favorite restaurant or cuisine, a little guidance and direction never hurt anyone. Check these top Miami restaurants to get started.

Lucia Pizzeria – It isn’t often that pizzeria’s offer the intimate feel of an Italian market, but Lucia has got it figured out. With walls lined with inexpensive wine ready for the pairing, Lucia’s pizza shop is the perfect place for a romantic yet casual dining experience. Try this wood-fired Neapolitan pizza with fresh Italian ingredients and be hooked.

La Mar – Gaston Acurio, the top Peru chef, searched for the premium spot for his new seafood restaurant. Offering up what is arguably the best ceviche around and Peruvian favorites, La Mar is the place to eat for delicious combinations and an enjoyable environment. Sitting right on the water at the Mandarin Oriental, Gaston Acurio’s first American outpost is sure to please.

Naiyara – This concoction of Thai street food and Japanese specialties uses locally sourced ingredients to create this flavor overload. The family-style servings are perfect for sharing meals with other adventurous eaters. But be prepared for unique takes on dishes. For example, the popcorn shrimp is served with spicy mayonnaise and shiitake mushrooms.

Alter – This modern, minimalist restaurant has been nominated for a James Beard award three separate times. Often touted as representative of what the art district is, Alter is a perfect mix of hipster and upscale, although the food can’t be considered anything other than fine-dining. This ever-changing menu features a dinner of either five or seven courses.

KYU – This spot is a neighborhood favorite. Often described as a contemporary Asian restaurant, don’t let that simple explanation deter you. Since its opening, only two years ago, KYU has gained a James Beard nomination, a Time Out Bar Awards win and has been promoted as one of the best restaurants in town.

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink – This innovative restaurant has been in this buzzy neighborhood for a while. Any time spent in the Design District calls for a visit to Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening. This award-winning owner and chef strike just the right note with its classy decor and menu.

LoKal – This burger place is popular all around, and it’s easy to see why. With a large and diverse selection of burger combos representing tradition to Miami styled burgers, this restaurant is aimed to please all…Including dogs. Yep, this Miami favorite has their very own special dog menu. Let’s not forget there large assortment of local beers!