No, we are not discussing the basketball team. Sorry if that is disappointing. Instead, we are talking about a much more important topic– maintaining body temperature during the hottest months of the year, in Miami, Fl nonetheless.

With the hottest month of the year right around the corner, it will be handy to have a few tips and ideas to keep you cool and entertained. Where you are a tourist or a new resident, use this insight to beat the heat!


Timing is everything.
Plan your big outside excursions around the mornings and evenings, as this is the best time to enjoy the outdoors without enduring extreme temperatures. Right after thunderstorms are typically cooler times as well if you want to feel a bit more spontaneous.

What are you wearing?
Who cares if black makes you look thinner if it also attracts more heat? Instead, stick with lighter colored clothing. To really feel the breeze, keep your sleeves at home, wear shorts, and let your feet breathe.

Go the shaded way.
Be smart about how you get to where you are going. Gain a new appreciation for our oxygen-giving friends as their shade makes for the perfect outdoor hangout. Take off your sunglasses and stay awhile.


Ice Skating-
Yes, this is an option in Miami. In fact, there are two options. Kendall Ice Arena and Basement at The Edition hotel. Kendall is a bit further from Miami, but offers the advice of Public Skating Association coaches. Basement at The Edition has a state-of-the-art sound system and colored lighting.

Ice Bar-
As if dreamt from Elsa herself, Drinkhouse Fire & Ice brings The Ice Bar Experience, which lasts 30-45 minutes. Surrounded by 100,00 pounds of glacial ice set at 23 degrees, guests are provided with faux fur coats and gloves to keep warm during the experience.

Dive-In Movie-
You read that right– dive, not drive. Miami’s Grapeland Water Park has a monthly “dive-in movie” from May through September projected to patrons in the pool on an outdoor screen. Admission is reduced at 5:30pm so kids can get their energy out before the movie begins.