There’s a lot to love about Miami: let’s face it. It’s an infamous city with warm weather, lush vegetation, cruise ships galore, world-class shopping, some of the finest supercars on the planet, award-winning cuisine and top-notch sports (just to name a few). In fact, many of the exhibits which people see in Miami revolve around these core genres of luxury. Even Art Basel, which hosts some of the world’s best artists, to the Ultra Music Festival that hosts the hottest Electronic Dance Music, Miami is at the forefront of many popular areas of life for many people. Yet there is another side of Miami which represents more unique and unusual facets that are largely unexplored.

The Avocado Wine Vineyard

Schnebly Redland Vineyard, unbeknownst to many Miamians, is first and foremost the Southernmost vineyard in the continental United States. Some of the less far out wines made at Schnebly Redland include mango wine, coconut wine, and passionfruit wine, yet they also incredibly make avocado wine! Set in an idyllic tropical paradise of flowing fountains and bountiful palm trees, this winery includes a restaurant and wine tastings for under $13 per person.

Jai Alai

Most people looking for their sports fix in Miami typically head over to a Heat basketball game, Dolphins football game or a Marlins baseball game. Yet one of the most tantalizing and unusual games that go mostly unheard of in Miami is “jai alai.” Originating in Spain’s Basque country, this insanely fun sport hurls leather balls much faster than baseball with an average speed of 150 miles per hour! Guinness World Records actually recognized this sport as the fastest game (which uses a ball) on the planet. A fatal competition which once took the life of one of the sport’s best players from a blow to the head, jai alai came to the states from Cuban and Mexican players who emigrated here. Now utilizing helmet and other protection, this most unusual sport is entertaining to watch with a beer in hand.

The Venetian Pool

The Venetian Pool at Coral Gables is the only pool on the National Register of Historic Places. It is drained, cleaned, and refilled every single day! This most unusual spot in Miami is beautifully fun and certainly worth checking out!