My children are constantly asking questions about the world they see around them. From asking me questions about the moon and stars to wondering why the sky is blue, my children are observant about the world they live in. However, many of our kids say that science is boring. Here are five tips to spark your children’s interest in science.

Take A Trip
If you want your kids to be excited about science, you have to show them real-life applications of science concepts. A great way to accomplish this is by taking them to a museum. These places tend to be highly interactive because they allow kids of all ages to explore, have fun, and learn all at the same time.

Do An Experiment At Home
Don’t be afraid to let your children conduct an experiment at home! Your kitchen table might look like the middle of a science lab, but your kids will love you for letting them get messy. An at-home experiment allows you to give them an opportunity to explore different science topics.

Take An Observation Hike
Get out in the world to let your children take a hike. This is a perfect opportunity to bring out the notepad and binoculars. Your kids will feel empowered knowing they can take part in their own investigations. In addition, it is a good family experience, and they will be getting some good physical movement.

Use Science Tools
Give your kids an opportunity to use different types and science tools, and explain what they are used for. For example, if you are cooking, have the kids measure out ingredients with a measuring cup. Once children see the reason for different science tools, they’ll feel more excited about using them.

Be An Investigator!
Have your kids conduct research when they ask a question that you don’t know the answer to. Explain how a scientist performs investigations in order to find out information on different topics. Once you place the power of inquiry in your children, they will fall in love with science!

Our children will come to love science once they see how it impacts their daily lives. Science is a wonderful thing, so don’t let your kids miss out on all the fun!