The weather might always be a little on the steamy side in the 305, but crisp leaves and woolen blankets or not, autumn has arrived in Miami, and with it comes a myriad of new flavors for the city’s world-class restaurants to celebrate. Check out the list below for a quick and easy guide of where to go and what to order for your most savory season yet:

1) Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar

When harvest season rolls in, it’s time for chefs to show off their chops with a new round of crops! Chef Adrianne Calvo, who was written four cookbooks and appeared on Chopped, does just that at her South Miami eatery. Starters like the Vineyard Salad and Burrata Mozzarella strike the perfect balance of both savory and refreshing for a taste that instantly recalls how that transition from summer to autumn truly feels.

2) Concrete Beach Brewery’s fourth-annual Blocktoberfest

There is no need to book a flight to Munich. Instead, cruise on down to the mural-covered walls of Wynwood for Concrete Beach Brewery’s fourth-annual Blocktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a classically fall celebration. What better way to ring in the cooler weather than with a toasty pretzel in one hand and a smoky bratwurst in the other? Now, if only you had a third hand to hold that pint of pumpkin ale!

3) Beaker and Gray

If Chef Adrienne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar is the transition period of autumn, Beaker and Gray is the season’s zenith. Mouthwatering pumpkin gnocchi, sake-marinated wild mushrooms with butternut squash, and succulent duck confit are just a few of the selections you’ll find from their menu that’s as lovely as the changing leaves.

4) Salty Donut

Not yet nursing the appetite for a full-blown meal? No worries! The Salty Donut is a top-rated artisan coffee shop serving up deliciously sweet morsels, inventive beverages, and all of the little fall-inspired snacks your stomach could desire. Pumpkin spice lovers will rejoice at this signature combo: a pumpkin spice-infused brioche ring filled with homemade pumpkin pie custard and a “Not Ya Basic PSL” made with pumpkin spice-infused milk, Black Cat espresso, and a touch of dehydrated pumpkin. No tricks, just treats.