From a very early age, we are taught to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. However, some people choose not to wear their protective headgear for a variety of reasons ranging from feeling too hot to looking “uncool.” Statistics show that wearing a bicycle helmet may protect a bicyclist from incurring a traumatic brain injury. One article I read says that your chance of dying in a bicycle crash is 14 times greater if you don’t have a helmet on! In Florida, the law requires that children wear bike helmets. Sadly, many parents don’t seem to love their children enough to follow the law and common sense and put their kids in helmets.

Wearing a bicycle helmet protects a bicycle rider’s head and skull from a potential accident. Although helmets do not protect bicyclists from all injuries, they can be critical in determining the severity in an accident.

Another important fact about helmets is that people do not always wear them the right way. A bicyclist should position the front of the helmet right above the eyebrows. The helmet should border the right and left ears with a shape reminiscent of the letter “V.”

The helmet’s chin strap should permit a finger to fit between the person’s chin and the strap. Consumers should refrain from buying bicycle helmets that do not have safety certification stickers.

Manufacturers produce bicycle helmets to save lives. A traumatic brain injury is a severe medical condition that may prevent a person from living a healthy and productive life.

Although helmets offer bicyclists special protection, there are no federal laws enforcing people to wear helmets while riding their bicycles. However, some states, including Ohio and New York, have their bicycle helmet regulations requiring minors to wear helmets. Regardless of the laws intended to protect children, adults should also wear helmets.

Besides wearing a helmet, bicyclists should wear special pads to protect their elbows and knees. Another safety tip is to ride bicycles on specially marked bicycle lanes. In addition to the fact that riding a bike is a pleasurable experience, the activity provides the body with beneficial exercise.

Bicyclists must also obey traffic regulations, including green lights, red lights, and stop signs. People should not wear damaged helmets. When damaged in a fall, new headgear should be purchased.