Miami, Florida is a place where a good heart can really shine. Those who are serious about lending a hand can do so in a number of ways. The following are five exciting and unique ways you can help others that you might enjoy.

Smiles for the Homeless
The organization, Make the Homeless Smile, is filled with all sorts of people who do their best to care for the homeless in Miami. The organization does its best to provide a variety of services for the homeless, from giving them free haircuts to providing them with clothes or books. In essence, it is a group of like-minded people who want to treat the homeless like the people they truly are.

Free for All
The Hands On Miami organization is the epicenter of volunteerism in Miami. It is the place where people can go to find out what kind of organizations are active in this great city. It helps connect helpers with jobs that need to be filled. It should also be pointed out that Hands On Miami also organizes large volunteering events, such as the Horticulture at Vizcaya where good-hearted people can go to network and exchange ideas.

Outreach is Strong
United Way is a community of volunteers that want to change people’s lives for the better. This group of volunteers believes that it is as important to care for people as it is to educate them so that they are able to take care of themselves at some point. The organization has all sorts of people who offer free education, health care services, and even classes in financial literacy to help all people achieve their fullest potentials.

Refuge for the Needy
Victims of domestic abuse, homeless women, and children have a place to go since the Lotus House opened. This place is a refuge for these individuals where they can not only find shelter but also find numerous tools that volunteers are only happy to share with them such as free education. The goal of this shelter is to empower some of these women and help them nurture the tools within themselves that would give them the power to sustain themselves once again.

The Cleanup
The shorelines, the streets, and the planet are sometimes treated like dumpsters even though they are not. There is a lot of people who feel pretty passionate about making sure that Miami stays as clean as possible, which is how Volunteer Clean Up came into fruition. It is a place for people who want to get together and find ways to clean the entire city little by little. There are students, business people, and even friends who get together every so often to clean up together.

There is no telling where a person might fit in best, so those who are interested in volunteering should give all of these a shot to see if anything sticks.